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Visa Compelling evidence 3.0 (CE3.0)


Visa Compelling Evidence is a term used in the context of the chargeback process within the Visa payment network. When a cardholder disputes a transaction and initiates a chargeback, the merchant can provide evidence to support their case and challenge the validity of the chargeback. Visa has specific guidelines and criteria for “compelling evidence” to help the merchant successfully contest the chargeback.

Compelling evidence is documentation or information that provides proof or substantiates the transaction’s legitimacy and refutes the cardholder’s claim. It aims to demonstrate that the goods or services were provided as agreed upon, that the transaction was authorized, or that the cardholder received the expected benefits or refunds.

The specific requirements for compelling evidence may vary depending on the reason code associated with the chargeback. Reason codes are standardized codes that categorize the different types of chargeback disputes. Each reason code has specific documentation or evidence requirements that must be met to qualify as compelling evidence.

Visa’s compelling evidence requirements are designed to ensure fair resolution of chargeback disputes and protect the interests of both the cardholder and the merchant. Merchants should familiarize themselves with Visa’s guidelines, maintain thorough records, and retain relevant documentation to present compelling evidence when challenging chargebacks effectively.