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Quickly resolve disputes with directed refunds
or automated resolution for Visa


Chargebackhit Resolve is the ultimate dispute prevention tool for your business. Multiple Card-Brand alerts or automatic resolution of disputes without merchant interaction.

  1. Verifi RDR
  2. Verifi CDRN
  3. Ethoca Master Card
  4. Ethoca Issuers
Resolve infographic
  • Cardholder contacts issuer with a transaction dispute
  • Visa RDR Disputes: Dispute flows through decision engine for automatic resolution
  • MasterCard and other Disputes: Dispute paused by issuer for seller-directed resolution
  • Cardholder dispute is resolved

Resolve solution benefits

Cooperation with thousands of issuers ensures the highest coverage on the market
Improve customer satisfaction by reducing chargeback and dispute times
Prevent MIDs from burning out by reducing the chargeback ratios
Exclude chargeback and dispute fees in your P&L statements
Cut costs and improve work efficiency with fewer worktime to process chargebacks and disputes
Increase your sales volume, knowing we will take care of chargebacks

How much are chargebacks costing your business?

Protect Your Business from Fraud and Chargebacks

Using our direct connection to Visa, Mastercard, and issuing banks, we assist merchants during the very first stages of the dispute-resolution process.

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