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Prevent disputes and save your revenue by sharing enhanced transaction information with issuers and customers in real-time.


The technology transmits purchase data in real-time: product information, delivery details, company information.

  1. Consumer Clarity
  2. Order Insight
  3. Compelling Evidence 3.0
  4. Issuing Banks
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  • Customer contacts Issuer with a transaction dispute
  • Issuer sends a request for order information to Visa/Mastercard
  • Chargebackhit processes and sends a request to Seller
  • Seller sends order data to Chargebackhit
  • Chargebackhit provides Issuer with order details
  • Issuer reviews information with Customer

The data transmitted via the Prevent solution comprises two parts: information submitted during Prevent alerts setup and the data from the network of acquiring banks. The technology works as follows:

The cardholder contacts their bank to inquire about a dubious purchase
If the cardholder still doesn’t recognize the payment, the network sends additional purchase information
Chargebackhit retrieves data from the Consumer Clarity/Order Insight network and, within seconds, transmits them to the bank
The cardholder recognizes the transaction details and merchant information, successfully preventing a chargeback

Prevent solution benefits

Save revenue through increased customer loyalty and zero billing confusion
Cuts costs by exterminating friendly fraud and stopping disputes before the count against CHB ratios
Expands Brand Presence as issuer call centers extend your customer service functionality
Empowers clients to see purchase details in issuer apps and online banking
Improves bank relations after lowering seller dispute ratios
Deflects confirmed first party misuse 10.4 disputes in real time

How much are chargebacks costing your business?

Protect Your Business from Fraud and Chargebacks

Using our direct connection to Visa, Mastercard, and issuing banks, we assist merchants during the very first stages of the dispute-resolution process.

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