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By referring or reselling our best-in-class chargeback management solution.


Partnership Opportunities

Our partnership portfolio is vast and diverse: gateways and acquirers, PSP and ISO, CRM, and more. 100% profit and custom pricing or up to 15% secure lifetime residuals – choose your partnership model:


Reseller Program

White Label

You’ve got customers, we have the product they need. Set your own pricing, invite as many merchants as you like to your custom hub, and put your name on it.

Easy 1-Week Implementation

Unified API. All chargeback alerts in one place. No more data overlaps and duplicates.

Consulting Support

Drive adoption, enhance customer experience, and increase retention with our Support team there for you 24/7.

Referral Program

Lifetime Income

Get a monthly referral fee as long as your MIDs are connected to the system. Growing revenue risk-free has never been easier.

1 Simple Step to Begin

All you have to do to start increasing your revenue is contact our team and refer potential customers. Our experts will take it from there.

Impeccable Reputation

Help your clients and partners solve the chargeback problem with us, see them scale, and develop your business.

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Get merchants onboarded

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Start earning with Chargebackhit

Make Chargebackhit Your Major Source of Profit

Resell our ultimate chargeback prevention tool as you see fit or simply refer online business owners to it.

Why Chargebackhit?

Chargeback Prevention Service to Grow On

Chargebackhit aggregates chargeback data in one place to prevent, resolve, or recover from disputes. Our unique tool includes the industry's cutting-edge technology that we flexibly adjust to best match various business needs.

Fast integration
Fast integration & guided onboarding
Transparent billing
Transparent billing & competitive pricing
Unified API
Unified API for all sources, including RDR
No setup fees
No setup fees or minimum monthly fees
Customizable chargeback alert
Customizable chargeback alert filters
Full credit for overlapping
Full credit for overlapping and false positive alerts

Become a Partner

Join the Chargebackhit partner program to bring superior chargeback prevention experience to great companies around the globe.

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