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Recover revenue by Dispute Representment. Build a custom compelling evidence response to maximize win rates for all major card brands.


Recover is a representment solution, which helps merchants reclaim revenue after abusive chargeback made by the customer.

  1. Custom comprehensive templates
  2. Payment Processor plus Merchant Data sources
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  • Seller receives notice of dispute from Acquirer
  • Chargebackhit processes and submits dispute response on Seller’s behalf
  • Seller or Cardholder is credited for the dispute amount

Recover solution benefits

Effectiveness of custom comprehensive templates drives dispute win rates up
An automated solution enables you to address a vast majority of chargebacks
Simple integration options for quick onboarding
Qualify for billing on successful recovery for guaranteed ROI

How much are chargebacks costing your business?

Protect Your Business from Fraud and Chargebacks

Using our direct connection to Visa, Mastercard, and issuing banks, we assist merchants during the very first stages of the dispute-resolution process.

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