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Representment, also known as a representment case or chargeback representment, refers to the process by which a merchant or business disputes a chargeback initiated by a cardholder and presents evidence to support the validity of the original transaction. It involves submitting compelling evidence to the card network or issuing bank in order to contest the chargeback and seek a reversal of the funds.

When a cardholder disputes a transaction and initiates a chargeback, the merchant can respond by presenting evidence that demonstrates the transaction was valid, authorized, and fulfilled according to the agreed-upon terms. Representment allows the merchant to challenge the chargeback and request that the funds be returned to them.

It’s important to note that the representment process and specific requirements may vary depending on the card network, issuing bank, and the reason code associated with the chargeback. Merchants should carefully review the guidelines provided by the respective card networks and work closely with their acquiring bank or payment processor to ensure compliance and maximize their chances of successful representment.

Representment allows merchants to present their case and contest chargebacks, offering an opportunity to recover funds for valid transactions. By effectively preparing and submitting compelling evidence, merchants can strengthen their position and improve the likelihood of a favorable outcome.