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Bank ID


BankID is a convenient and secure electronic credential that enables personal identification and online signing.

In the physical world, your identity is established through documents like passports, driver’s licenses, or bank cards. In the online world, BankID serves to confirm your identity. Just as you use a pen to sign a contract in person, BankID allows you to sign documents and messages online electronically.

To access your BankID, you utilize your unique registration number, the code provided by your bank through a code chip, text message, code card, app, and your chosen personal password.

It’s worth noting that the bank code chip or other one-time-code solutions are often associated with BankID, but BankID itself is the electronic certificate centrally stored at Nets.

Banks offer various types of one-time-code solutions, such as SMS, pre-coded cards, electronic code tags generating disposable codes, apps, or card-reader cards.

For those seeking an alternative to the bank code chip, activating BankID on a mobile device through online banking or utilizing a one-time-code app provided by the bank are available options.