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Mastercard Identity Check


Mastercard Identity Check is an advanced 3-D Secure 2.0 protocol implementation designed exclusively for Mastercard payment cards. Its primary objective is to add an extra layer of security by verifying the cardholder’s identity during the checkout process before completing the transaction.

Mastercard Identity Check harnesses the power of behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence to assess each transaction’s risk. In many cases, the system can determine that no further action is necessary from the cardholder to verify their identity, streamlining the payment process.

However, when a transaction raises suspicions, Mastercard Identity Check prompts the cardholder to undergo identity verification via their issuer’s online banking platform. This verification can take various forms, such as biometric scans or inputting a one-time verification code sent to the cardholder’s phone or email. Upon successful verification, the transaction proceeds smoothly.

One of the key strengths of Mastercard Identity Check is its formidable security measures, making it challenging for fraudsters to circumvent. While credit card numbers and payment credentials are easily available on the dark web, cracking Mastercard Identity Check demands access to the cardholder’s device, email account, or even fingerprints. The complexity involved dissuades the average fraudster from attempting such a high-level breach, as they typically seek the path of least resistance to carry out their illicit activities.

By implementing Mastercard Identity Check, merchants and cardholders can enjoy enhanced protection and peace of mind in today’s digital landscape.