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A merchant refers to an individual or a company engaged in the sale of goods or services with the intention of making a profit. They play a crucial role in facilitating customer transactions and their overall buying experience. The term “merchant” is not specific to any particular type of product or industry, as long as the selling activity is conducted for monetary gain.

Types of Merchants

In the world of chargebacks, it is essential to recognize the diverse types of merchants and their influence on the process. By understanding the variations among merchants, individuals can navigate chargebacks more effectively and address them appropriately. This knowledge enables a proactive approach to managing chargebacks and ensures a smoother resolution process.

  • Ecommerce Merchant: An ecommerce or online merchant conducts the sale of products or services through the internet. Unlike online sellers who simply buy and sell products for profit, ecommerce merchants have additional responsibilities. They are responsible for managing their inventory, handling financial processes, building brand identity, and promoting their products.
  • Retail Merchant: A retail merchant, also known as a retailer, purchases goods from wholesalers and sells them to end-users at a profit. Retailers act as intermediaries between manufacturers and customers, focusing on marketing, customer service, and sales.
  • Wholesale Merchant: A wholesaler or wholesale merchant buys goods in large quantities from manufacturers and distributes them to retailers in smaller quantities. Wholesalers serve as a link between producers and retailers, and they may operate from warehouses or engage in dropshipping arrangements.
  • Affiliate Merchant: An affiliate merchant is a company that aims to boost sales and website traffic by placing advertisements and links on an affiliate network. They can either establish their own in-house affiliate program or collaborate with existing affiliate networks. Affiliate networks charge membership fees to merchant accounts and earn commissions on each sale generated.

Written by Andrii Vovk

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