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Visa Response Online (VROL)


Visa Response Online (VROL) is an online system provided by Visa that enables merchants and acquirers to manage and respond to Visa dispute cases electronically. It is a platform designed to streamline the chargeback and dispute resolution process, allowing merchants and acquirers to view, respond to, and track the status of dispute cases initiated by cardholders.

Through the Visa Response Online system, merchants and acquirers can access detailed information about chargeback cases, including the reason for the chargeback, transaction details, and any supporting documentation provided by the cardholder. This information allows merchants to review and evaluate the validity of the chargeback and determine their course of action.

Key features and benefits of Visa Response Online include:

  • Case Management: The platform provides a centralized hub where merchants and acquirers can access and manage all their dispute cases. It allows for efficient case tracking, documentation management, and chargeback communication.
  • Electronic Case Filing: VROL enables merchants and acquirers to submit dispute responses and supporting evidence electronically instead of relying on traditional paper-based processes. This streamlines the process, reduces paperwork, and expedites the resolution of chargeback cases.
  • Timely Response: VROL sets specific timelines for merchants and acquirers to respond to chargebacks. The system provides alerts and notifications to ensure that responses are submitted within the required timeframes, helping merchants meet the necessary deadlines.

It’s important for merchants and acquirers to familiarize themselves with the specific procedures and guidelines associated with Visa Response Online. Each organization may have its own internal processes for managing dispute cases using the VROL system, and compliance with Visa’s requirements is essential to ensure a smooth and effective dispute resolution process.