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Visa Claims Resolution (VCR)


Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) is a dispute resolution process introduced by Visa, one of the major card networks, to simplify and expedite the resolution of payment disputes between cardholders, merchants, and issuers. VCR aims to streamline the chargeback process, enhance efficiency, and reduce the time and effort involved in resolving disputes.

Here are key points to understand about Visa Claims Resolution:

  • Automated Dispute Workflow
  • Reason Code Simplification
  • Timeframe Acceleration
  • Dispute Resolution Network (DRN)
  • Enhanced Data and Documentation

The Visa Claims Resolution process aims to create a more streamlined, efficient, and transparent dispute resolution experience for all parties involved. By simplifying reason codes, introducing automated workflows, and promoting collaboration, VCR seeks to reduce the complexity and time associated with resolving payment disputes.

It’s important for merchants and issuers to familiarize themselves with the specific guidelines and procedures outlined by Visa regarding the Visa Claims Resolution process. This can help ensure compliance, maximize the chances of successful dispute resolution, and maintain positive relationships with cardholders and customers.