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Merchant Error Chargebacks



Merchant error chargebacks stem from mistakes or oversights on the merchant’s part, leading to disputes initiated by dissatisfied customers. These chargebacks typically occur due to various reasons:

  1. Failure to Deliver Goods or Services: When a customer pays for goods or services but does not receive them as promised by the merchant, they may initiate a chargeback to reclaim their funds.

  2. Delivery of Defective Product: Chargebacks can occur if the merchandise delivered is faulty, damaged, or does not meet the customer’s expectations. In such cases, customers may dispute the transaction to seek a refund.

  3. Duplicate Transaction Processing: If a merchant accidentally processes the same transaction multiple times, resulting in duplicate charges to the customer’s account, the affected customer may file a chargeback to recover the extra charges.

Merchant error chargebacks are typically irreversible, meaning that once initiated by the customer, they cannot be undone.