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Card Acceptor ID (CAID)


Card Acceptor ID (CAID) is an internal identifier assigned to your business by your Acquirer when creating the merchant account used for financial processing. This unique identifier plays a crucial role in managing and tracking transactions across various platforms and services.

Depending on the setup with your Acquirer, your business may be assigned one or multiple CAIDs. These are used across your financial operations to ensure that all transactions are accurately processed and attributed to the correct merchant account.

It is essential that all combinations of CAIDs are identified and properly enrolled in relevant services. This includes Order Insight, Notices, or Rapid Dispute Resolution services. Proper enrollment and management of CAIDs ensure that your business does not miss out on critical activity notifications or the benefits these services provide.

Failure to accurately manage CAIDs can result in missed opportunities for dispute resolution, inaccuracies in financial reporting, and potential issues with transaction processing. Therefore, maintaining a clear record and understanding of your CAIDs is fundamental to the smooth operation of your financial transactions and dispute management processes.