Introducing Chargebackhit Product Updates [Summer’23]

Introducing Chargebackhit Product Updates

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Welcome to the very first edition of the Chargebackhit Product Updates! We’re thrilled to bring you exciting news and enhancements that will empower your business to stay ahead of fraud and chargebacks. Read on to discover our newest features designed to secure your revenue and reputation.

New Features

Prevent – world’s first Visa CE 3.0 adopter


Chargebackhit has achieved a significant milestone as the world’s first adopter of Visa’s Compelling Evidence 3.0. We’re proud to introduce our enhanced product, Prevent CE 3.0, designed to help you reduce fraud and chargeback levels by up to 90%, with an impressive 100% win rate in preventing fraudulent disputes. You’ll be able to:

  • Leverage Compelling Evidence 3.0: Present compelling evidence and shift liability to issuers, safeguarding your revenue and reputation.
  • Block fraud disputes: Systematically block 10.4 fraud disputes using qualified transaction data.
  • Maximize operational efficiency: Avoid financial losses and operational expenses linked with chargebacks.
  • Gain enhanced metric control: Visa 10.4 disputes won’t count against your fraud and dispute ratios, giving you better control over your metrics.

Check the documentation for more details.

Deeper insights with a new alert type

We’re introducing a new alert type – Prevented. This alert signifies a successful outcome for Order Insight, Compelling Evidence 3.0, and Consumer Clarity inquiry alerts. It indicates that you’ve successfully deflected a fraud dispute, keeping the transaction amount unrefunded.

The new Prevented alert type is available in the Alerts and Analytics sections. We also included it in our API. This addition allows you to gain deeper insights into your chargeback management operations, enhancing your ability to track fraudulent activities.

alert analytics dashboard

HUB enhancements for better user experience

1. Easy alert type selection. You can select Chargebackhit products in a few clicks using a convenient multi-select feature during MID creation. This streamlines the MID enrollment process, eliminating the need for support tickets and time-consuming clarifications.

mid creation screenshot

2. Comprehensive MID status depending on alert type. MID details now display the status of products for three blocks:

mid statuses

This feature provides you with a transparent overview of your MID at a glance. Now you can check the specific status for each product in MID details, e.g., Active, Pending, Verifying.

3. Even more informative dashboard. The Inform category on the dashboard has been detailed to offer comprehensive insights with the addition of Fraud and Dispute alerts. The list of product types has also been expanded to include visa-fraud and visa-dispute alerts.


Verifi partnership level-up

verifi authorized reseller

Chargebackhit has taken its partnership with Verifi – one of the leading providers of chargeback mitigation technologies – to a new level. We’ve upgraded from being a sub-reseller to becoming an authorized Verifi reseller. With this status, we boost our capabilities to work with financial institutions and other resellers. Our commitment remains strong on a larger scale: we’re here to equip businesses with the latest tools that give you a competitive edge.

API updates

  1. The alert object now includes the reason_code parameter, grouped into categories that help identify the underlying reasons for chargebacks.
  2. To support Prevent CE 3.0, the merchant object has been extended for inquiry response with the following parameters:
    • merchant_contact_phone
    • merchant_address
    • store_name

We’re confident these updates and enhancements will contribute to the success of your chargeback management strategy. Thank you for choosing Chargebackhit!

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